In May 1922, Funakoshi Gichin introduced Ryūkyū karate at the “1st Athletic Exhibition” sponsored by the Ministry of Education. After that, a public demonstration was also held at the Jūdō headquarters, the Kōdōkan.

The Masters … Gichin Funakoshi Shihan and Makoto Gima Shihan.

At that time, Gima Shinkin (1896-1989) also known as Gima Makoto served as an assistant to Funakoshi sensei. Mr. Gima graduated from Okinawa Prefectural Normal School where he learned karate from masters Itosu Ankō and Yabu Kentsū. Later, he went on to Tōkyō College of Commerce (now Hitotsubashi University). Following the demonstrations, he strived to popularize karate. His teachings have been inherited as Gima-ha Shōtōkan-ryū Karatedō.

The Gima-Ha pedigree. The Master with apprentices and senior students of the lineage.
Front row L to R: Tatsuya Kobayashi Sensei, Makoto Gima Shihan, Ikuo Higuchi Shihan. Back Row: Mitsunori Kobayashi Shihan, Hidetada Narumi Shihan, Akahira Sensei , Takayuki Sameshima Shihan.

Although Gima-Ha Karate-Do has now spread internationally, the primary concern of Gima-Ha Shōtōkan-Ryu United Kingdom is to propagate Gima-Ha Karate from its ‘grass roots’ level and create an instructor cadre – all of whom are well versed in our curriculum.

Currently we are a very small group, with Dojos (training halls) based in Maidstone Kent, Woodchurch (Ashford), Kent and the Honbu Dojo based in the Cardiff area of South Wales.

We strive to produce good karate-ka and since 1993 the UK branch has produced competitive champions on the Regional, National, and International stages. Our instructors are well versed in the ‘mainstream’ Shōtōkan and the older ‘Koryu’ version of the Shōtō-Ryu/Shōtōkan of the pre JKA era.