A crazy year!

The past year has seen many associations resort to using FaceBook Live, or Zoom or similar.


I chose ZOOM as it is a platform that I found easy. Initially there was some interest, and attendance was fairly good.

After a time, it appeared that lack of space, and the ‘cerebral’ content of the zoom sessions may not have suited all tastes. I decided therefore to make this a ‘yudansha level – seminar level’ experience, focusing on FINE GRAIN DETAIL, and starting again form the ‘bottom up’, rebuilding the Hon-Waza of our style in layers.


We were joined by some friends in Norway and Germany, but the mainstay became 7 students. 5 Nationally and 2 Internationally.

Your support helped me greatly throughout this year, as I spent much of it in isolation.

I thank you all, and wish you continued success in your Karate-do endeavours!


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