‘C’ Level Examiner

“B’ Level Instructor

‘C’ Level Judge

Former International Team Member

Carl Gigg was born in 1963. 

He started training in the Shisei-Kai Dojo Ashford, Kent, in 1996. And was the first adult member to train from white belt to black belt.

Carl currently holds the grade of 4th Dan black belt.

Due to work commitments Carl has not been able to travel out of the U.K other than to attend events in Germany and The Netherlands.

Carl has trained under the following Gima-Ha Instructors:

  • Mitsunori Kobayashi (Ashford, Kent), 9th Dan
  • Hidetada Narumi (Okehampton, N. Devon), 8th Dan
  • Yoshi Yoshinori, 5th Dan
  • Muneharu Go, 5th Dan

Whilst at the Gima-Ha Winter Gasshuku in 2013 Carl joined many others training with:

  • Salvatore Orlando, 8th Dan
  • Paul Sexton, 6th Dan.

He has trained on many occasions, within the UK, with such instructors as:

  • Keigo Abe, 9th Dan
  • Mikio Yahara, 8th Dan (now 10th Dan).
  • Akihito Isaka, 8th Dan.
  • Yoshikazu Sumi, 8th Dan.
  • Richard Amos, 8th Dan.
  • Jim Lewis, 8th Dan.

Carl is anon-political person who is willing to train alongside anyone wishing to wear a go. To that extent he happily trained in a class, in Okehampton 2013, led by Ash Hawkes. 6th Dan, who was a co-organiser of that event.

Carl has enjoyed a successful tournament career in the veterans division, winning:

  • 2nd in Kumite and 3rd in Kata in the 2002 JKA Netherlands Championships,
  • 4th place in Kata, in the 2002 JSKA World Championships
  • 1st in Kata and 3rd in Kumite in the 2004 JKA Netherlands Championships,
  • 3rd in Kumite in the 2004 WJKA World Championships. 
  • 2nd in Kata and 3rd in Kumite in JSKA Germany friendship cup.

Carl was one of the senior students in the Shisei-Kai Dojos and is considered as one of the senior instructors. He has an eye for detail and is a ‘stickler’ for correct form. More junior students know that they are in for a technical lambasting whenever he teaches.

Carl has completed the Gima-Ha/SHisei-Kai Kenshusei (Instructor Intern training) and holds a Gima-Ha National ‘B’ Level Instructors certification as well as ‘C’ Level Judge and Examiner.

Carl currently acts as the Assistant Instructor for the Shisei-Kai Dojo, Maidstone, Kent, and has acted as the squad manager for the Gima-Ha UK teams on several occasions.

He is currently studying with the Shiseikai-Kai Kenkyu-Kai (research society) to achieve his next black belt grade and a higher-level Instructor status. Carl is another well rounded and seasoned Karate instructor, who prefers to keep a quiet profile.