Gima-Ha U.K. Dan Grade Register

The following Yudansha are currently training under the Gima-Ha U.K. banner.

Others have gained Yudansha status and left Karate-Do, or aligned with other organisations – many becoming senior members of this organisations within the U.K. and even Europe.

NANADAN (Seventh Degree)

None at present

ROKUDAN (Sixth Degree)

None at present

GODAN (Fifth Degree)

Steven Edwards

Carl Gigg

YONDAN (Fourth Degree)

Mark Carley

Paul Simpson

SANDAN (Third Degree)

None at present

NIDAN (Second Degree)

Paul Jefferies

Stephen Nicholson-Roots

Chandra Mohan Murughaia

SHODAN (First Degree)

Mark Silvester