Dan Grade Register

The following Yudansha are currently training under the Gima-Ha U.K. banner.

Others have gained Yudansha status and left Karate-Do, or aligned with other organisations – many becoming senior members of this organisations within the U.K. and even Europe.

NANADAN (Seventh Degree)

None at present

ROKUDAN (Sixth Degree)

None at present

GODAN (Fifth Degree)

  • Steven Edwards
  • Carl Gigg

YONDAN (Fourth Degree)

  • Mark Carley
  • Paul Simpson

SANDAN (Third Degree)

None at present

NIDAN (Second Degree)

  • Paul Jefferies
  • Stephen Nicholson-Roots
  • Chandra Mohan Murughaia

SHODAN (First Degree)

  • Mark Silvester
  • Mia Kingstone