The term ‘Kenshusei’ denotes a trainee who undergoes the ‘special intern training’ necessary to become an instructor within Gima-Ha UK.

The nomenclature ‘Kenshusei’ is a conjugation of the Japanese words: ‘Ken’ – ‘to polish’ or ‘to clean’, ‘Shu’ – ‘mastery’, and ‘Sei’ –  ‘student’. This can therefore translate as a ‘student who strives for mastery through polishing’, or ‘one who seeks to develop’ through diligent training and persistent effort.  

Becoming a ‘Kenshusei’ is not a right or specific to grade. In order to enter the program the candidate undertakes an examination to show their spirit and commitment.

Whilst enrolled in the program written course work/essays is required to show their understanding on a cognisant as well as a physical level.

Having completed the two-year course and successfully passing the physical examination to graduate from the program the candidate is granted a teaching licence. The lowest Level is ‘F’ and is usually for those Shodans wishing to assist in teaching. The highest level being ‘A’, with the requirement of the candidate having achieved Godan, 5th Dan.

We expect our ‘Kenshusei’ candidates and graduates to continue to strive within their development in order to become role models to those they teach.


  • Steven Edwards
  • Carl Gigg


  • Mark Carley


  • Paul Simpson

‘D’ Level



  • Paul Jefferies
  • Chandra Mohan Muruughaiah


  • Stephen Nicholson-Root
  • Mark Silvester