Management Structure

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Honourary Chief Instructor: Shihan Hidetada Narumi

Head of the Instruction Committee: Rob Sidoli

Technical Director: Steve Edwards

Technical Director: Mark Carley

Technical Director : Carl Gigg

Technical Director: Paul Simpson


Chair Person: Paul Simpson

Secretary : TBA

Treasurer: Paul Jefferies

Committee Member: Julie Wraight

Committee Member: Josie Murray

Gima-Ha Shōtōkan-Ryu Karate-Do Federation runs a ‘two-tier’ structure, the first comprising of the Senior Instructors and Karate-Do Ka, who have the ‘say’ in the Technical aspects of running the association/federation. The second is a Committee where there is the potential for non Karate-Do Ka to be involved in the day to day running of the Gima-Ha UK.

We do not run as an ‘Autocratic’ or ‘Oligarchic’ group but as a ‘Kazoku’ (Family) acting in fairness and the best interests of our members.

The Technical Committee hold voting rights in meetings; they are ‘Appointed’ positions as opposed to ‘Elected’ positions. Technical Committee Members need to be certified Instructors, Examiners, and Judges and well-versed in all aspects of Karate-Do.

The Executive Committee consists of a Chair Person, Secretary, Treasurer and two ‘Members’. All have equal voting rights. Where a person sits on both sides of the Management Structure, they only have one vote.