Paul Simpson


‘C’ Level Examiner

‘B’ Level Instructor

‘C’ Level Judge

Former Secretary, Gima-Ha U.K.

Paul was born in 1954 and started his journey in Karate-Do later in life at the age of 40, in 1994 within the JKA United Kingdom. He was graded to Shodan by a panel headed by Shihan Rob Sidoli. His dojo left the JKA organisation and joined the Funakoshi Shōtōkan where after an arduous examination from Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi was awarded Nidan.

In 2003 Paul re-joined the Shisei-Kai Dojo in Ashford, Kent at Nidan level. He provides an excellent example to both the young and the slighter ‘not so young’ due to the intensity and commitment he has made to his training.

In 2010 Paul attended the Gima-Ha International Training Camp held in Niigata, Japan. On conclusion of that camp he accompanied Steven Edwards, Mark Carley and Rob Sidoli on a sightseeing tour where he also trained with Shihan Ikuo Higuchi in Tokyo, and the Ichikawa Firefighters Federation in Chiba. Both were challenging sessions due to their level ferocity and the relentless heat. Paul set a huge example on that tour.

He travelled to Japan a second time, in August 2013, again in oppressive heat and trained in the Honbu Dojo with Shihan Ikuo Higuchi and the dojo of Shihan Norio Kawasaki in Kamakura.

He currently holds a Yondan, awarded by an examination headed by Mitsunori Kobayashi 9th Dan Hanshi, after successful examination in 2019. Paul also holds ‘C’ Level diplomas as an Instructor, Judge and Examiner within the Gima-Ha United Kingdom.

Paul has not been a competitor but is a stalwart to both the Dojos and their teams providing encouragement and advice to all.

He is not a flexible person, and no longer able to throw the high kicks that impress most, but within the Kumite domain he is still a force to be reckoned with as he is ‘wily’ and has quick reflexes (and hands).

Paul’s willingness to learn and receive ‘critique’ continues to make him a role model and a ‘leader’ within the Gima-Ha United Kingdom branches.