‘A’ Level Examiner

‘A’ Level Instructor

‘A’ Level Judge

Former International Team Member

National and International Champion

Steve Edwards was born in 1982. 

He began training karate in 1994, transferring to the Shisei-Kai Dojo in 1996 and has remained a student of, and ‘Shihan Dai’ to, Shihan Sidoli ever since. 

Steve currently holds a 5th dan black belt awarded by the senior examination panel of Gima-Ha Shotokan-Ryu Karate-Do Association after a grueling 3 hour examination in Tokyo in 2011. 

Steve holds the  “C” Level International Instructor and Examiner from Japan, and ‘A’ Level within the Gima-Ha Curriculum.

Steve has represented, on numerous occasion, Shisei-Kai and Britain at various regional, national and international karate tournaments, enjoying a high degree of success. 

He placed 4th in 15-16 year old division of the 1st Karatenomichi World Cup in Cardiff, losing in the semi-final to the eventual winner. 

He has won 1st place in Kata at the 2003 European Friendship Cup, and twice placed 6th in successive Karatenomichi World Championships. 

Steve won 2nd in the JSKA World Championhips 2009 Team Kata division after filling in on the ‘Dutch Team’ where they had lost a man to injury – this after only 30 minutes practice together. 

He also placed 1st Kata and 1st Kumite in the JSKA UK British Championships in 2010. Repeating the Kata title n 2011. 

He has now retired from competition in order to manage the Shiseikai Competition Squad.

Steve has visited and trained in Japan on 7 occasions, the last being July 2019, where he again competed in order to support his own competition team. Despite scoring a perfect ‘Ippon’ with an ‘Ura-Mawasahi Geri’ he lost the match as it was held under WKF rules, and took his ‘foot off the gas!’ 

Notably, Steve won this same event in 2014.

As an indication of the esteem that he is held in, internationally, Steve was also ‘selected’ to demonstrate individual kata at ‘Admiral Yamamoto Isoroko’s birthday celebrations held in Nagaoka, Japan. His Gojushiho-Sho kata received a rousing ovation and accolades from many senior Budo-ka and Karate-ka present.

Steve has a talent for retaining kata and imparting his knowledge in a structured and methodical way. 

He has travelled widely throughout the UK assisting Shihan Sidoli, and has also taught in Norway and Germany.

Steve is a technical director of the Gima-Ha Shotokan-Ryu UK . 

He is the senior graded member of the Shisei-Kai Dojos.