The Beginning


Makoto (Shinkin) Gima is one of the seminal figures in the modern history of karate. He began his karate studies in 1912 under Kentsu Yabu (a Shihan-Dai under the great master Ankoh Itosu).

Master Makoto Gima also studied under Itosu, and therefore had trained in Okinawa for several years.  At that time there were no ‘belt rankings’.

Makoto Gima moved to Tokyo as a school teacher, where he met the ‘founder of modern day karate’  Master Gichin Funakoshi.

When Master Funakoshi gave his famous karate demonstration at the Kodokan, Master Gima was there demonstrating kata and kumite with him.

Master Gima assisted Master Funakoshi for several years, and oversaw the formation of both the Shōtō-Kai and the Nihon Karate Kyokai (Japan Karate Association).

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