10th Kyu White Belt – Red Stripe

10th Kyu White Belt – Red Stripe 

The student must have paid membership in full and have trained at least 10 times before attempting this examination.

TACHI-KATA (STANCES)                                                                                                                                                                                      1. Attention Stance –  Musubi-dachi
2. Sotohachiji-dachi (Shizentai)  – Natural Stance 
3. Heisoku-dachi – Closed Feet Stance 
4. Heiko-dachi – Parallel Feet Stance 
5. Kiba-dachi – Horse Stance 
6. Zenkutsu-dachi – Forward Leaning Stance 
7. Kokutsu-dachi – Back Stance 
8. Shiko-dachi – Straddle Stance (Four Corner Stance)    

KIHON WAZA (BASIC TECHNIQUES)                                                                  
1. Kiba-zuki – Horse Stance and Punches Chudan (Stomach Level Jodan Face Level)                          2. Mae-geri –  Front Kick Chudan( Stomach Level) & Jodan (Kerikomi at Face Level)                          3. Shiho Tenshin – Basic Turning (Four Directions) Zenkutsu-dachi ( Front Stance)

– Students must understand the basic karate stances plus and have an understanding of targets relating to punching and kicking technique.  
– The student will be required a Karate Do-Gi in order to participate in the process. – – The Obi (belt) must be tied correctly.