Seikukan (誠空館)

This ‘Honbu’ dojo of Gima-Ha UK has, in effect, existed since 1972, starting in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada and relocating to the United Kingdom in 1993.

The dojo has been led by Robert Sidoli, a student of:

  • Shihan Hidetada Narumi
  • Shihan Hidetaka Nishiyama
  • Shihan Keigo Abe
  • Shihan Akihito Isaka
  • Shihan Mikio Yahara

The Honbu uses the name ‘Seikukan’ (誠空館)as this name was ‘gifted’ in 1980 by Shihan Toru Yamaguchi (Iwaizumi).

Although, he is now somewhat disabled, classes are still run by Robert Sidoli along the lines of a ‘technical advisory’ service. Currently there is no physical dojo location, and the dojo runs as ZOOM classes only for Yudansha (Dan grade holders) and Kenshusei (Intern instructor program).

‘Seikukan’, (Makoto – sincerity; Ku – Empty (kara); Kan – Hall) teaches a blend of Karate-Do that can almost be considered ‘unique’. The Gima style Shōtō-Ryu and the karate of Makoto Gima, Ikuo Higuchi and Hidetada Narumi continue to be the support of the dominant ‘Shōtōkan’ of Hidetaka Nishiyama and later Abe Keigo and Mikio Yahara.

We teach traditional ‘mainstream’ Japanese Shōtō that has the backbone of the Karate of Makoto Gima.

Our standardised Kata often follow two versions (Mainstream and Koryu), and we also have the unique Koryu Kata from Gima Sensei himself, that is not taught in any other ‘Shōtōkan’ outside of Gima-Ha.

Consider our ‘Honbu’ as a marriage of ‘Seikukan’ and ‘Shisei-Kai’.

Does the concept of a Karate style from Makoto Gima/Ikuo Higuchi/Hidetada Narumi, strengthened by the genius of a JKA creator (Hidetaka Nishiyama), and the later JKA protegès (Keigo Abe and Mikio Yahara in particular) appeal to you?

Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to experience a Karate that has the depth stemming from the early 1900s?

It may not be everybody’s idea of Gendai ‘Shōtōkan, but it is a Karate that continues to believe in ‘Onko Chishin’. A Karate that strives to provide the ‘Dento’ (伝統 - tradition) Shōtō that many consider to be the Japanese Budo Karate-Do.