More on the Gima-Ha Lineage!

Bottom Row: Shihan Tatsuya Kobayashi (Tokyo),Saiko Shihan Gima, Shihan Ikuo Higuchi (Tokyo). Top Row: Shihan Mitsunori Kobayashi (Ojiya, Nagaoka-Ken), Hidetada Narumi (Kushiro, Hokkaido – formerly also Vancouver B.C. Canada) , Jyunichi Akahira (Kitagami-Shi, Iwate Ken) and Takayuki Sameshima (formerly Tokyo (Senshu University – student of Akihara then Higuchi) and Vancouver B.C.).

The photograph above is quite historic as it clearly portrays the lineage of Shihan Makoto Gima through current Japanese senior students. Taken just under a year and a half before he passed away.

The Genealogy chart above and a reproduction below, shows the direct lineage from Sokon Matsumura, to Ankoh Itosu, through Master Gima to the two senior students, Tatsuya Kobayashi and Ikuo Higuchi. Other seniors are not listed as they were born after. the dates on this chart.

The same chart will also show Master Gichin Funakoshi’s line and how it then con-incides with Master Gima’s.

Newer version, courtesy of Rory Christianson.

We are proud to have a line, as they say ‘straight as the crow flies’ 真一文字 [まいちもんじ] ‘maichimonji’!

Shihan Ikuo Higuchi and Shihan Hidetada Narumi.

As the older generation will age further the younger generation have an expectation of Onkochishin 温古知新! We study the past to learn the future, or perhaps more directly by knowing the past techniques of our lineage added to the modern versions of Shōtō-Kan our line can continue to flourish!

Our motto could well be ‘We will follow the path of karate, with true hearts!’