Paul Jefferies


‘D’ Level Instructor

‘C’ Level Judge

Paul Jefferies, born in 1970, started training in the Shisei-Kai Dojo Ashford, Kent, in 2009, alongside his children who were already dojo members.

In October 2016, Paul was awarded the grade of Nidan, issued under Gima-Ha Japan by Mitsunori Kobayashi 9th Dan Hanshi.

Paul has regularly attended seminars within the UK, Germany and Japan with senior Gima-Ha instructors 
  *  Ikuo Higuchi, 9th Dan.
  *  Mitsunori Kobayashi, 9th Dan.
  *  Hidetada Narumi, 8th Dan.
  *  Yoshi Yoshinori, 5th Dan.
  *  Muneharu Go, 5th Dan.

As well as training with other international instructors, including:
  *  Keigo Abe, 9th Dan
  *  Mikio Yahara, 8th Dan (now 10th Dan)
  *  Kousaku Yokota 8th Dan

In August 2015, Paul accompanied other members of Gima-Ha UK on a tour of Japan, where he participated in the veterans division of the Gima-Ha International Tournament, held in Ojiya, Niigata.

Along with many cultural experiences in Tokyo, Kyoto, Niigata and Kamakura, Paul trained with Shihan Ikuo Higuchi at the Honbu Dojo in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and Sensei Shuichi Serikawa at his private Dojo and with the Ichikawa Firefighters Federation in Ichikawa, Chiba.

Paul completed Gima-Ha/Shisei-Kai Kenshusei (Instructor Intern training). He is certified as a ‘C’ Level Judge, and is working towards attaining his Sandan examination, and hopefully higher level qualifications.

Paul acts as the Assistant Instructor for the Shisei-Kai Dojo, Woodchurch, Kent. and Treasurer for Gima-Ha UK.

As if training in Karate several times a week is not enough: Paul regularly trains in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido with Minato Dojo in Lydd, Kent. In which, he currently holds the level of Sandan (awarded in July 2018), and has successfully competed in the UK National Championships many times, including winning gold in 2013.