Saiko Shihan Shinkin (Makoto) Gima, is one of the seminal, yet relatively unknown, great masters of Karate-Do. He studied under the legendary masters Ankō Itosu and Yabū Kentsū whilst young – living on Okinawa. Having re-located to mainland Japan for work purposes he was to partner the ‘father of Japanese Karate-Do’ Saiko Shihan Gichin Funakoshi. The events that followed globalised Karate.

Little remains known of Saiko Shihan Makoto (Japanese pronunciation) Gima other than information within Japanese books.

“Gima was a great Karatedoka, but he did not become a major person in the Japanese Karatedo history, because he was a big supporter of Gichin Funakoshi with his Karatedo philosophy.  He left three great students who are currently teaching the way of Karatedo that Gima taught them.”

-Nakaya Takao – ‘Karatedo History and Philosophy – 6th Edition – Pages 176-177 

“Master Gima was one of the first to receive the essence of Okinawa Shuri-Te Karate as it was spread to the mainland (of Japan).  At the same time, M. Gima was a leader of the three valuable principles of the physical, intellectual and moral education found in one system (karate).  He introduced these principles to members of all karate societies.“

– Eiichi Eriguchi, Shiseikai Magazine – Gima Sensei no Beiju

We believe in these three principles and aspire to teach a Karate-Do that addresses the physical, intellectual and moral education necessary to create a harmonious lifestyle and society.

Gima-Ha Karate-Do United Kingdom training is strict following the ‘old ways’ but incorporates modern teaching methodology in order to make it safe and beneficial for persons of all ages and walks of life.

Gima-Ha Shõtōkan-Ryu United Kingdom and the branches of our dojos the teach a style of Karate-Do that is ‘composed of the Japan Karate Association and Okinawa Karate-do Association’, it is a system of instruction based on Bushido,  where the training is hard.  

Health, physical education, and competition are included in the  aims of our leadership.  Yet it is important to remember that our karate is primarily a means of self-defence, something with practical application.  For this reason, fundamental techniques are given great weight, focusing on basic postures from which a single lethal punch or kick could be delivered.

Further, Shōtōkan karate is marked by the weaving together of basic techniques and fundamental movements, kata and kumite.  Each is an indispensable element.  Dynamic karate is not just pretty to the eye, and the true disciple can train at any length of time”.

Gima-Ha Shõtōkan-Ryu United Kingdom “aims for conscientious and careful instruction for everyone, young and old, women and men, through carefully selected leadership”